Meet 9 top recruiters in media to know right now

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九月 17, 2020
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Our Nada Usina was named one of the top corporate recruiters to know in this Business Insider article.

Business Insider

The Business Insider article, “Meet 9 top recruiters in media to know right now,” featured Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Na​da Usina. The article is excerpted below​​​​.​ 

When the coronavirus pandemic ground to a halt productions, advertising spending, theatrical distribution, and other pillars of the media and e​​ntertainme​nt industries, layoffs spread. 


Recruiters s​ay their media clients, from early-stage startups to large multinational conglomerates, are starting to hire again, even amid the economic uncertainty. 

But many ​​are also looking outside of media, to industries like technology, fintech, or consumer-facing brands for fresh talent. Media talent, meanwhile, are trying to reinvent themselves to land gigs at tech companies and brands that are creating content in-house. 

Business Insider identified nine leading headhunters in media, considering factors like clients, experience, and scope of work. They range from sole proprietors to international search firms. Each had their own view on the market, but most agreed that the best-positioned talent in medi​​a can adapt to abrupt and frequent change. 


Nada U​sina, Russell Reynolds  

Nada Usina leads adviso​​​ry firm Russell Reynolds' digital, media, entertainment, and sports practices. 

Usina​​ ​came up in her career through operating roles at a mix of tech and media enterprises before shifting to executive search.​ 

Sh​e was an executive at the Mark Cuban-backed streaming startup, AudioNet, which later became; she joined Yahoo! after it acquired the startup and pushed into media and entertainment; she was at Nokia when camera phones were nascent; and she was president of the Comcast Ventures-backed internet-TV company, JumpTV, which merged with Neulion.​ 

At Russell Reynolds, Usina advises CEOs and boards at various stages, including multinational conglomerates going through major mergers or dives​​titures, upstarts preparing for an initial public offering, and established companies that are looking to hire an independent chair.​ 

She said boards are increasingly looking for talent who bring perspectives from other pockets of industry that are also adapting to the ever-changing consumer landscape. They still hold Fortune 500 CEOs in high esteem, but she's also seeing digital committees form within boar​ds that are hungry for leaders with digital or data experience.​ 

Mor​e recently, as diversity and inclusion has become a higher priority, boards have also started to redefine the qualities they seek in leaders.​ 

"Thing​s like vulnerability in the past may have been seen as weaknesses," Usina said. "Today, we look for those balances in leaders." 

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