Meet 6 top recruiters finding talent for family offices as the secretive wealth managers to the world's richest look to grow their teams

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十一月 09, 2020
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Family Business GovernancePrivate CapitalHuman ResourcesFinanceExecutive Search
Family investment officers dramatically slowed recruiting efforts during the pandemic, but quickly began rehiring as the pandemic came to an end, including for CEOs.

Business Insider

The Business Insider article, “Meet 6 top recruiters finding talent for family offices as the secretive wealth managers to the world's richest look to grow their teams," featured Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Jeff Warren as one of the top family office recruiters to know. The article is excerpted below. 

You've heard of the war for talent in different corners of financial services, especially between high-flying startups and Wall Street institutions.​ 

A similar battle is unfolding between traditional firms and family offices, the privately held, loosely regulated wealth managers for the world's richest individuals and their families. 

After placing some searches on hold earlier this year as the pandemic introduced layers of uncertainty, many family offices are again looking to hire fresh talent or reassess their staff, executive recruiters said in interviews. 

They are looking to grow their direct-investing and private markets capabilities, poaching investors, and wealth advisors from private equity firms and private banks. 

And US-based family offices are seeking out fresh legal talent, in part due to the likelihood of a higher tax rate for the wealthy and a shifting regulatory environment under President-elect Joe Biden. 


Business Insider rounded up six must-know executive recruiters in the space.​ 

Jeff Warren, Russell Reynold Associates 

Jeff Warren co-heads the private equity practice in the Americas for Russell Reynolds Associates, the executive search and advisory firm, conducting searches for alternative investment institutions, family offices, and other financial services firms.  

Family offices are "being run more like traditional investment firms," said Warren, who is based out of Los Angeles and New York. The industry's growth has come as equity markets have soared higher, creating vast amounts of wealth for the affluent. 

Some of Warren's searches this year within the space have included chief executive searches for two family offices based in the upper midwest, the finance chief of a mid-Atlantic real estate business and its associated family office, and the head of investments, tax, and trust planning for a northeastern US-based family office.  

"It will only continue on the private market side," said Warren, adding that there is also a sense among family offices that they've got capital to deploy and would rather allocate that capital directly than to vehicles like hedge funds.  

Warren is also a member of the firm's chief executive and board services practice. Before he joined Russell Reynolds Associates in 1999, he was the director of business development for KSL Fairways, a private equity affiliate of KKR.​ 

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