LGBT+: inclusion through a culture of openness

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九月 10, 2019
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The Les Echos article, “LGBT+: inclusion through a culture of openness," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Florence Ferraton.

Les Echos

While still uncomfortable about the management of issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, companies are being pushed by the networks to take action.At the end of August, the purpose was to have some representatives of large companies attend a dinner-debate in order to discuss trans-identity in a professional environment… The stakes left room for skepticism. But, on that evening, Têtu Connect, a newcomer in the professional network of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+), succeeded in attracting ten French and foreign groups in search for information and good practices. Albin Serviant, who purchased the assets of “Têtu”, together with Hervé Labeille, one year ago, does not hide the fact that the French organizations have lagged behind the LGBT issues: “These are not particularly comfortable issues for companies.” Perhaps, just like for the French society. Besides, in a few months, fifteen companies, from AXA to Vivendi, including BNP Paribas, L’Oréal and Publicis, joined the network. According to Albin Serviant, “the objective is to sign with the entire CAC 40”. 


According to Florence Ferraton, General Manager of Russell Reynolds in France, “In the United States, there is a unique dimension of diversity”. The American headhunter conducted an investigation in North America and isolated the answers of the executives having declared themselves LGBT+. But, on this side of the Atlantic, the subject remains sensitive. However, “the correlation between business results, innovation, talent retention, diversity and inclusion was established”, as the manager recalls. 

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