How executive search is adapting to COVID-19

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四月 24, 2020
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Executive Search
The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the need for good leadership and in many cases accelerated executive search processes.


The Shortlist article, "How executive search is adapting to COVID-19," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Melissa Cameron on how executive search is adapting to the needs of organizations during this period. The article is excerpted below. 

The COVID-19 crisis has spurred organisations to think differently about the leadership profiles they're hiring for, and how adaptable leaders are to virtual environments, says Russell Reynolds Associates executive director Melissa Cameron. 

The crisis has heightened the need for good leadership, and some searches have accelerated because organisations "need that capability now," she tells Shortlist. 

With organisations now doubling down on risk, crisis management, sustainability and resilience, more are seeking leaders who can deal with ambiguity. 

Further, "we're seeing what good leadership looks like has to a degree been turned on its head, because the traditional view of leaders is that they're not always warm and cuddly," but Cameron says that now, people want to see leaders' "human side and their vulnerability." 

CEOs with experience from previous downturns are the ones now saying, "let's look at what's needed with the changes we're seeing already." 

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