Hong Kong and Shenzhen Jointly Gain an Edge in Fintech

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林宣豪 Harry
十月 31, 2021
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Technology and InnovationTransformation InnovationTechnology, Data, and DigitalExecutive Search
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No matter in financial service, retail and healthcare industry, companies want to compete in the scramble for talents from tech industry. 


Excerpt from the article originally published in Oriental Daily

Enterprises are facing intensive competition in a rapid speed of digital transformation in recent years. The competitors come from local market and global competition as well. Tech talents have suddenly become popular. 

Russell Reynolds Associates is known as one of the world’s top 5 search firms. Harry Lin, a Consulting Partner of Tech Sector of Russell Reynolds Associates Greater China, said that data analysts and digital security industry are very popular in the region and still have potential development in the future. 

Nowadays, conducting information technology (IT) means not only "repairing computers", "changing mice" and other chores, but also key technologies such as processing big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Hong Kong's acceptance of financial technology is generally higher than that of European and American markets. It’s even more prosperous in mainland China market. 

Data analysis talents are in demand

The coastal area has its advantages in engaging in technology industry. Because the data center is usually built in the area where submarine optical fiber "goes ashore", both Shenzhen and Hong Kong have great prospects. The talents who collect and analyze data are very popular, and the talents who protect data are also in demand. 

Now Shenzhen seems to become an important technology city in mainland China. Many technology giant enterprises have settled here. Harry Lin explained that policy support is indispensable, and when enterprises see other giant enterprises settle down, they also compete to gather in the same place to form an ecological chain. The lack of industry has always been a hard injury to Hong Kong, and the opportunity brought by Greater Bay Area is that foreign capital tends to be placed in Hong Kong, while R&D and production lines can be placed in Guangdong Province, with complementary advantages among cities. 

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