Headhunters now Excom stars

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六月 28, 2021
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory
Executive Summary
Consultant Florence Ferraton featured in the article “Headhunters now Excom stars”.

Excerpt from the article originally published in Décideurs

Florence Ferraton: The Alchemist 

She could have worked with exceptional fragrance creators. With her ESLSCA diploma in hand, Florence Ferraton seriously considered an offer to join Lancôme. But a meeting with people from Dow Chemical decided otherwise. It was to be chemistry and, already, the first sign of undeniable flair. Eight years spent in industry effectively helped her to get in step with the tempo of global companies. Above all else, she admits having learned how to "understand the needs of customers whose business I did not understand." This was an undeniable asset when the time came to branch out into recruitment, joining Nicholson International and then Russell Reynolds, where she quickly became head of consumer business, first for France, then for Europe, and finally worldwide. In more than twenty years, this recruitment alchemist has seen her job change considerably. The scent of hunting has faded in favour of "advice and analysis of client strategy." This is pretty much to the liking of a woman who has since been appointed managing director for France. Touch by touch, note by note, she assembles tailor-made solutions. And the scent of victory? That's something she will savour the day women have full access to positions of responsibility. But, she warns, "it cannot be imposed by coercive measures." Otherwise "we run the risk of undermining the legitimacy of women's leadership." 

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