Headhunters: in a Few Years Denmark Will Be Able to Export Sustainable Board Members

Sustainable LeadershipEnvironmental, Social, and GovernanceSustainability
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十二月 07, 2021
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Sustainable LeadershipEnvironmental, Social, and GovernanceSustainability
Executive Summary
In the coming years it will be about training boards in leading sustainably.

Excerpt from article originally published in Finans 

Large Danish companies have so far focused on making operations rather than board work sustainable. 
But in five years, domestic board members have gained enough experience with e.g. climate, to become 
candidates for major international boards that want to work on sustainability. 

This is the assessment of Peter Gramkov, managing director of the executive search company Russell 
Reynolds in Denmark. 

“The sustainable focus has been in the management and operations and has been there in Denmark for 
a longer period of time than in most other countries. There is a recognition that Danish board members 
have been exported to other parts of the world based on management experience, i.e. operational 
experience. I believe that the sustainability culture is only now on its way to the Danish boards”, says 
Peter Gramkov, managing director of Russell Reynolds in Denmark. 


Global CEO of Russell Reynolds, Clarke Murphy, mentions Danish companies such as Novozymes and 
Carlsberg, which have worked sustainably, because it was ethically correct, and before others did. Now 
many other companies realize that they need to behave more ethically, otherwise their value will be 
reduced, Clarke Murphy points out. 

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