Future-Focused Leadership Roles To Accelerate Growth And Sustainability While Reducing Risk

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九月 29, 2021
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DEIDiversityDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory
Executive Summary
More organizations are looking for future-oriented leadership roles, like the chief diversity officer role.

Excerpt from the article originally published in Forbes by John M. Bremen

The Russell Reynolds Associates report, "Positioning Your Chief Diversity Officer For Top Performance," was featured in Forbes.


The current business landscape presents interrelated challenges that are global in scope and highly disruptive. Future-seeking leaders are taking action to accelerate growth and sustainability while reducing risk through four connected c-suite roles: Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). 

While these roles are not new, the global crises of 2020 and 2021 heightened the importance of their missions and collaboration.


3. Chief Diversity Officer (CDO): The CDO role has grown rapidly in prevalence over the past five years. According to Russell Reynolds, over half of S&P 500 companies have a CDO. This figure includes a sharp uptick in CDO appointments during the summer of 2020, a time when companies increased their emphasis on DEI commitments and actions. The responsibilities of CDOs are multi-faceted and range from strategy-setting to risk mitigation to execution. Specifically, their duties to c-suites and boards involve: collecting workforce and representation data; sponsoring employee resources groups and networks; identifying areas that lack diversity, equity or inclusion; advising on the design and implementation of inclusive pay, benefits, and career programs; executing manager and employee diversity training; and representing the organization to the community and regulatory agencies. More broadly, CDOs address discrimination and exclusion in the workplace by overseeing initiatives that build workplace dignity and an inclusive organizational culture. Additionally, they increase the representation of diverse cohorts in the organization through recruiting, training, mentoring, sponsorship, promotion and overall engagement. CDOs typically collaborate with CHROs, CROs, CSOs and General Counsels.

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