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三月 02, 2020
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Leadership Strategies
This week's topic: Does Singapore need a universal whistleblower protection law?

The Business Times

The Business Times article, "Fight fraud and corruption," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Alvin Chiang on the importance of whistleblowing protection. The article is excerpted below.


Alvin Chiang

Consultant, CEO & Board Advisory

Russell Reynolds, Singapore


Trust and safety are sacrosanct when it comes to whistleblowing. An individual willing to step forward and call out misconduct must feel safe to do so, and trust that there will be no retaliation whatsoever.


Having a regulatory environment that affords such protection is not only important, but also a necessary safeguard against errant companies that may say one thing yet do another. While we do have legislation that protects whistleblowers under certain circumstances, the underlying principle should be for whistleblowers to be protected regardless, so long as the whistle was blown in good faith. How else can there be trust?


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