Entrepreneurs aim for sustainability

Sustainable LeadershipSustainability
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三月 30, 2022
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Sustainable LeadershipSustainability

Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo used Divides & Dividends as a basis for their Sunday editorial.

A survey by the consultancy Russell Reynolds Associates reported by Estadão shows that Brazilian executives are more committed than their international peers in implementing sustainable practices. In addition to revealing the vitality of citizen awareness in the national business community, this fact signals the importance of public policies that help it to bear its best fruits, but also the mismatch between the current government and civil society.


An important fact, when dealing with a topic, so to speak, “fashionable”, such as the ESG agenda (acronym in English for environmental, social and governance practices), is that these are not words in the air, just “to English see”. Brazil also stands out in terms of actions: 50% of its executives said they had already adopted some sustainability strategy.


From a cyclical point of view, the exceptional effort of the Brazilian business community is also a way of compensating for the damage caused by a retrograde government.

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