Diversity and inclusion: toward a neutral organization model?

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十月 05, 2017
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DEIDiversityHuman ResourcesDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory
While many companies have stated that they are taking steps to promote diversity, the results have not lived up to expectations. 

Les Echos

The Les Echos article, “Diversity and inclusion: toward a neutral organization model?" quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Florence Ferraton and featured the firm's research, "Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: 2017 Leader’s Guide​." A translated excerpt of article is below. 

“Let’s ride the wave of transformation to push diversity and inclusion up on the agendas of boards and executive committees.” This call to action of Florence Ferraton, an associate at Russell Reynolds, is not unfounded. This American headhunting firm conducted an enlightening study on the difference of senior managers’ perceptions and experiences with this subject depending on their gender. 

Women are more skeptical 

Globally, men and women converge on one point: 56% of men and 50% of women believe that their company is making efforts to foster an inclusive environment and culture. 

But the feedback is very different. A lower percentage of female senior managers (30%) compared to their male counterparts (44%) think that the governing bodies are sufficiently diverse and even fewer still (27% compared to 37% for men) think this of the board. Compared to their male counterparts, women are less likely to think that managers actually consider diversity in career advancement. And they are far less likely than men to consider that the company correctly represents, in its workforce, the customers that it serves and the markets in which it operates. Women also indicate more frequently that talents have left the company, due to a lack of an inclusive approach. 

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