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四月 06, 2020
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Leadership StrategiesDiversityCorporate Affairs and CommunicationTeam Effectiveness
This week's topic: Apart from health and economic consequences, will Covid-19 also spell a big reset in terms of how we work? As an employer, how open are you to large-scale work-from-home in your organisation?

The Business Times

The Business Times article, "Catalyst for change," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Nick Chia on how the firm is managing relationships and collaborations amidst large-scale work-from-home in the organisation. The article is excerpted below.


Nick Chia

Country Manager, Singapore

Russell Reynolds


I have seen engaged organisations continue to be productive because of pre-existing strong relationships; remote working is viewed as a necessary inconvenience, but team spirit remains high. I have also seen situations where a lack of trust makes remote working difficult. In both cases, technology is helping: limited printing, less paper, online sharing. This, and reduced commuting, cuts our carbon footprint.


As a professional services firm, we rely on individuals providing local expertise supported by a global platform; therefore we are encouraging more WFH than in the past. However, as our work largely involves collaborating to develop offerings for our clients, we tend to attract those who like group work and enjoy collaborating across borders. We would like to keep that going through digital and face-to-face means.


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