Are Today’s HR Leaders Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges?

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一月 12, 2022
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Leadership StrategiesTransformation Innovation
Executive Summary
Article based on the paper "FTSE 350 CHROs: Are today's HR leaders ready for tomorrow's challenges?"

Excerpt from the article originally published on Hunt Scanlon Executive Search Review - HR & Diversity Recruiting’ Special Issue.

The future of work will be different from the past. But the extent to which the future of work relies on HR leaders has also never been clearer, according to a new report by Russell Reynolds Associates’ Anna Penfold, Harsonal Sachar and Alix Stuart. The pandemic has accelerated a move to a distributed workforce, redefining the office as a hub for creative collaboration and social interaction rather than a daily destination, according to the report’s findings.

“The shape of the workforce is changing as well, with many leaders concerned about the availability of the skills they need to move strategy forward,” the Russell Reynolds report said. “At the same time, environmental, sustainability and social justice issues have risen to the fore, catalyzing new expectations of employers to take a stand on issues both inside and outside the organization.”

The report stresses that talent strategies must evolve to match future needs. HR leaders are now tasked with revolutionizing compensation and benefits policies and rethinking performance management systems to incentivize a hybrid and purpose-oriented workforce. “Deploying the right technology is a huge component of these efforts, as is applying a diversity, equity and inclusion lens to all talent decisions,” the Russell Reynolds report said. “Recent research on the future of work identified 21 new HR roles — including the future of work leader, gig economy manager and human bias officer — that will be necessary to help the workforce adapt to new realities.”

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