Leadership/#Disrupted: A New Lens on Leadership Competencies

Technology and InnovationFinancial ServicesAssessment and Benchmarking
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10月 29, 2021
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Technology and InnovationFinancial ServicesAssessment and Benchmarking
Executive summary
A new generation of banking leadership is being defined by its ability to respond quickly to multiple forces that are disrupting traditional leadership agendas.

Faster Growing Firms Have Stronger Leaders

Our leadership assessment data suggests a direct correlation between stronger innovative and inclusive banking leadership and higher performing organizations.

Organizations with better leaders grow faster

Firms with above average Innovation Leaders saw a

Firms with above average Inclusion Leaders saw a



Source: RRA Analysis; S&P Capital IQ (data 2018-2021); n=243

...higher average increase in market capitalization per annum versus their peers


With exceptional talent already working at exceptional organizations, how can your firm differentiate its approach to sourcing and promoting talent?

  • Are you fully leveraging available data assets to better identify leaders with these competencies?
  • Are you targeting the specific leadership competencies that are needed to succeed in the context of its operating environment?
  • Are you minimizing bias in the selection and evaluation of these competencies?

Leadership/#Disrupted: A new lens on leadership competencies