Jobseekers want employers to commit to meaningful social impact

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10月 21, 2019
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MBA graduates can spot the difference between corporate PR hype and the real thing

Financial Times

The Financial Times article, "Jobseekers want employers to commit to meaningful social impact," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Simon Kingston on why companies have to do more for society and the environment for jobseekers to buy into their idea of sustainability. The article is excerpted below. 


"The era when corporate social responsibility was essentially the paramilitary wing of the comms department is over," says Simon Kingston, who heads the non-profit sector and the global development practice at executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates. Nor have MBA students always given the corporate world a ringing endorsement for its performance on sustainability. In a 2015 survey of more than 3,700 business students around the world, 64 per cent said they did not think business was making sufficient efforts to address environmental challenges. Last year, in an international poll of business students by the UN's Principles for Responsible Management Education and Australia's Macquarie Graduate School of Management, more than 80 per cent agreed that companies should do "a lot more" for society and the environment. 




Mr Kingston agrees. "You can say 'this is how we comply with ESG regulations' or 'this is the sort of organisation we want to be.' But that is no longer enough." 




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