How to find a new banking job when you're on the Street aged 40+

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3月 22, 2019
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The eFinancialCareers article, "How to find a new banking job when you're on the Street aged 40+," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Bradlee Benn on his advice for those seeking a job in financial services. The article is excerpted below.


The CFA Society’s New York chapter held an event on Thursday to help job seekers gain a better understanding of the current market – where the opportunities currently are in financial services and how to go about finding them. The panel included four recruiters split between the buy-side and the sell-side, two of whom previously worked in banking, as well as a manager at Amazon AWS who’s a CFA charterholder. The audience was predominantly veteran staff, most of whom appeared to be out of work.


Next, list in order the things that are most important to you in a new job, whether it be compensation, commute, work-life balance etc., said Bradlee Benn, a senior headhunter with Russell Reynolds Associates. Then think about your elasticity on each point – exactly how far you are willing to move the needle in each area. If you set those parameters up front, there’s less of a chance of being back on the job hunt in three-to-six months.


Another bad habit of some senior candidates is that they have too much bravado. Benn recalled a recent situation where a CTO candidate was well positioned to get the job but talked down to someone he didn’t consider to be on his level. “The COO loved him…but he completely dismissed or was somewhat patronizing to the CHRO (chief human resources officer). Done. He was done,” Benn said.


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