How COVID-19 Has Reset the Talent Game in Healthcare and Life Sciences

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1月 20, 2022
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Industry TrendsHealthcare
How the healthcare talent landscape is reacting to COVID-19.

Excerpt from article originally published in Hunt Scanlon Media

Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Ernie Brittingham was quoted in Hunt Scanlon Media.


According to Ernie Brittingham, co-leader the global healthcare sector at Russell Reynolds Associates, “Today’s business leaders are faced with many challenges: a full-blown climate crisis, an ever-widening social equity chasm and an ongoing global pandemic. Leaders who understand that stakeholders—employees, customers, shareholders, regulators and communities at large— increasingly expect them to help solve the world’s challenges will be more competitive and better positioned for growth. In addition, there has been a heightened focus on future-proofing organizations by investing internally through broader culture and top teams assessments, talent development, coaching and C-suite succession planning.”

Aside from the macro-level trends, the healthcare and life sciences industries are being disrupted through digitization both in telehealth and connected health, as well as the need for organizations to adapt to the new virtual ways of working, Mr. Brittingham said. “This has caused legacy organizations to rethink their business models and allowed for disruptors to enter the space. Additionally, it has coincided with a record numbers of IPOs and market consolidation. The disruption and innovation have caused organizations to reflect on the culture and skill-sets they need to stay competitive in the changing market.”

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