Green agenda must be part of management

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11月 21, 2019
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Sustainable LeadershipSustainabilityBoard and CEO AdvisoryExecutive SearchBoard Director and Chair Search
The Børsen article, “Green agenda must be part of management,” quoted Peter Gramkov, Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant and Denmark office lead, on how the issue of sustainability must inform board discussions and the selection of business leaders. The article is excerpted below.  


Peter Gramkov, Managing Director at Russell Reynolds Associates, one of the world’s largest leadership advisory and executive search companies, says there is a lack of board members who are able to tackle the agenda of the future: How to lead and manage a sustainable company. 


Companies are also yet to acknowledge that they need a new type of leader to spearhead their sustainability agenda.  


Russell Reynolds Associates’ analysis of more than 1,300 global companies revealed that only around 5 percent are looking for leaders who understand how sustainability and the United Nation’s goals should integrate with companies’ strategies, boards of directors and management teams. 


Its analysis showed that 15 percent of companies view themselves as sustainable, but only 27 percent look for executives who understand what it takes to become a sustainable organization. 


“I expect that demand for sustainability competencies will suddenly explode,” says Peter Gramkov. “The bus has left the terminal. We sense enormous pressure from young people in the workplace. They demand a sustainable agenda in the companies they work for. They demand a clear purpose in the company’s activities; it must do something good for the community and give something back to the world,” he explains. 




Administrative directors and managers must embrace sustainability and ensure this agenda is rooted in the boards of management, says Peter Gramkov. 


“There are not enough candidates who know this agenda. But those who do are in demand from the boards of management. The new agenda must be rooted in the boards of management and executed by the entire management team. It is relevant in all management disciplines, from logistics to HR,” says Peter Gramkov.  


Previously, sustainability was a subject for marketing and communications. But Peter Gramkov says that era is over.  


“There has been a lot of spin around sustainability, which has become hollow. But that make-up disappears when management teams take ownership. We will see this in the coming years,” he predicts. 


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