Freelance Executives: A Growing Part Of The Freelance Revolution

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3月 25, 2019
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LeadershipBoard and CEO AdvisoryExecutive SearchCEO Succession
The Forbes article, “Freelance Executives: A Growing Part Of The Freelance Revolution," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Jesús Arévalo Garcia as he shares his insight on the growing trend of freelance executives. The article is excerpted below. 


An interesting article landed in my inbox this weekend: “Demand for Interim Executives on the Rise.” As a former freelance executive, it grabbed my interest. Let’s check in on the concept, how and why it's expanding and benefiting the companies taking advantage, and what it takes to succeed as a freelance executive. 


We know that freelancers are on the rise in a wide variety of disciplines, from accounting to AI and data sciences. Online talent marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and Toptal anticipate that the global economy will continue to expand freelance needs and opportunity. A recent Toptal survey I advised found that over 90% of companies utilize freelancers nowadays, and three quarters plan to increase their reliance. 




This concern is shared in a study by Russell Reynolds. Arevalo Garcia, a top member of the firm’s Tech practice describes the emerging requirements for a senior leader this way: “It is time to sweep away resistance to change and set aside the idea that all that is needed is a few specialists to steer companies into the new digital age. What is required now is leaders who think deep and act fast. 


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