Diversity Manager - A Role On The Rise

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11月 01, 2021
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DEIDiversityDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory
Executive Summary
More than half of major U.S. companies now have a diversity manager, and the trend continues to point upwards.

Excerpt from article originally published in Dagens Industri by Miriam Olsson Jeffery

Dagens Industri cites Russell Reynolds Associates research on diversity leadership in the US.

Diversity and inclusion, or Diversity and inclusion (D&I), is an area that has been steadily increasing since the turn of the millennium. 


When the pandemic started in March 2020, the number of job advertisements for diversity-related jobs increased by 60 percent (which followed the trend). But after the Black Lives Matter movement took off in May 2020, the recruitment of diversity managers accelerated sharply. Diversity issues have also been put on the agenda outside the HR area, to which they have traditionally belonged. 

The number of job advertisements with diversity-related jobs increased by 123 per cent between May and September 2020. 

In 2021, Russell Reynolds conducted a survey showing that diversity managers in the United States stay 1.8 years in their job – down from 3.1 in 2018. One reason pointed out is that the high demand for skills in the field causes companies to recruit from each other. 

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