Consider Hiring Former Prosecutors for Nonlitigation In-House Jobs

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12月 20, 2018
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LeadershipLegal, Risk, and ComplianceExecutive Search
The Corporate Counsel article, “Consider Hiring Former Prosecutors for Nonlitigation In-House Jobs," featured the firm's research, "Inside the Mind of the General Counsel." The article is excerpted below. 

Corporate Counsel

You’re a corporate general counsel and you must hire an in-house litigator. You’ll likely hire former prosecutors, as many companies do. 

What about hiring former prosecutors for nonlitigation roles, where sharp legal minds are needed for complex transactions? Can prosecutors adapt their litigation skills to help a company drive revenue? Absolutely. 

Prosecutors are self-driven, quick studies. They’re decisive, trained to exercise good judgement, and to communicate well with nonlawyers. They are experienced negotiators, and will promote an ethical culture. These qualities bring value to a company. Not all former prosecutors are equally talented, but the best will bring these skills to the job. Even if a former prosecutor needs extra time to learn the ins and outs of the business, the payoff is worth the investment. 

Corporate recruiters and GCs: take heed of these skills when staffing your teams. According to Russell Reynolds Associates in their 2015 piece, “Inside the Mind of the General Counsel,” working swiftly and independently is a core competency of in-house jobs for lawyers who face immediate, multi-disciplinary, and global responsibilities, including advising the business on legal issues and risk, overseeing corporate governance programs, and managing other attorneys (in-house and outside counsel). 

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