CEO Guidelines For Speaking Out On Controversial Issues

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5月 23, 2018
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The Chief Executive article, "CEO Guidelines For Speaking Out On Controversial Issues," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Constantine Alexandrakis. He gave advice on what CEOs should consider when taking public stances on social and political issues. An excerpt of the article is below.​ 

Chief Executive

Indeed, the more closely a CEO can tie transcendent corporate purposes to a company's actual products, services and missions—and not necessarily to sublime cultural or social values—the better his or her chances of success will be. 

"IBM's purpose is to put technology to use to transform businesses and make them thrive," says Constantine Alexandrakis, head of the U.S. region for Russell Reynolds Associates. "That's a purpose that millennials can get excited about, but it isn't around social issues." 

Prioritize crucial constituencies: CEOs may want to reach NGO leaders and politicians and even consumers with their appeals to purpose, but they ignore the most important audiences—including shareholders and directors—at their peril. 

"All CEOs should be unilaterally focused on their customers and their employees and the market they serve," says Alexandrakis. 

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