A Decade Of Diversity Highs And Lows

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12月 23, 2019
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DEIDiversityDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion AdvisoryExecutive Search
The Forbes article, "A Decade Of Diversity Highs And Lows," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Cissy Young and the firm's paper, "A Leader’s Guide: Finding and Keeping Your Next Chief Diversity Officer." The article is excerpted below.


Diversity and inclusion have received heightened attention during the last ten years, particularly during the latter part of the decade. But while companies have made considerable progress on issues such as gender parity and, more recently, hiring neurodiverse talent, momentum has unfortunately been limited for other underrepresented groups, such as individuals with disabilities and people of color. 


“Diversity and inclusion started with more of a corporate social responsibility flavor,” says Cissy Young, a diversity and inclusion co-lead at the executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates. “Over the course of the last decade, it has clearly established itself to be a business mandate.” 


Job postings for CDOs have risen 35% in the last two years, according to the employment search engine Indeed. And a 2019 Russell Reynolds report shows that nearly half of all S&P 500 companies have a chief diversity officer. Roughly two thirds of them were appointed or promoted to that role in just the last three years. 

“Diversity and inclusion has evolved to be a corporate-level goal and mandate,” Young says. “Appointing a C-level executive to be responsible for driving that change is certainly a new trend, and many businesses in various sectors are following suit.” 

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