CEO Succession

Your next CEO needs to do more than keep up. They need to set the pace. Find transformational leaders who will zero in on sustainability, DE&I and innovation—and look to the future with confidence.

Selecting a new CEO is the most pivotal decision you face as a board—one that has lasting implications for your company’s performance and its place in the world. We find world-class executives to lead your organization forward. We get them up to speed. And we set them up for success.   

Optimize Business Performance

A delayed or failed succession carries real business risks. We dig deep into your organization’s cultural and strategic goals and challenges to execute a dynamic succession plan that will position your organization for uninterrupted long-term performance.

Build a Bench of CEO-Ready Successors

As the pace of CEO turnover accelerates, we help you stay one step ahead of sudden executive departures. We take a development-first approach to identify and develop the capabilities of strong internal candidates. This gives you a  bench of CEO-ready successors who can step up, steady the ship and keep your business moving forward when the unexpected happens.

Think Beyond Obvious Candidates

In a world where change is constant and unpredictable, demand is growing for agile leaders who can deliver the transformation that investors and society demand. We find conventional—and unconventional—candidates who can conquer the unknown and help your organization thrive in a volatile world.

Accelerate Your Sustainability Vision

Current crises are forcing a fundamental rethink of what it means to be a successful business leader. We find and nurture next-gen CEOs who can meet stakeholders’ shifting expectations and steer your organization towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

Ensure the Success of Your Next CEO

Succession planning doesn’t stop at agreeing on who your next CEO should be. Our tailored 12-month program de-risks the transition of your new CEO and sets the foundation for long-term success, engaging the Board and other select stakeholders.





of nominations and governance committee chairs list CEO succession and selection as a top 3 responsibility

of CEO appointments are internal promotions

Companies with a successful CEO generate a TSR that is 3x higher, on average, than that of companies with new CEOs who are a poor fit

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